Quito Urban Adventures

The main goal of Quito Urban Adventures is to provide a quality of service that exceeds your expectations. Through our unique Quito tours, our team includes professional guides who not only show you the most interesting sites Quito has to offer, but also give you unique insight into the Ecuadorian lifestyle while sharing with you some of the city’s many secrets, traditions and legends. Experiencing a Quito Urban Adventures tour with our team of local experts, visitors can easily see why UNESCO declared Quito the first World Heritage Site thanks to the efforts made to conserve the colonial treasures found throughout the historic center of the city.

Because of its unique multiethnic culture and biodiversity, Quito offers a variety of experiences for visitors and locals alike making an urban adventure in the city an ideal choice for your Ecuador holiday.



Pablo Leon serves as general manager of Quito Urban Adventures. For more than 20 years, as an international travel agent executive and Guide/tour leader, Pablo has lived, worked and travelled extensively throughout Latin America, Europe and North America. Now, he utilizes his background in business and passion for travel to develop opportunities for the local people through tourism.  Pablo is always excited to share his knowledge of Ecuador with visitors from around the world and is also thrilled to be living in one of the most cultural and bio-diverse places on the planet.

Pablo is constantly searching for new urban adventures for visitors to Quito. He works with local residents to optimize their contribution to sustainable tourism. An experienced guide himself, Pablo is always available to provide assistance to visitors and resolve any issues that may arise. He, along with our experienced staff, share their knowledge, passion and great sense of humor.  We look forward to being your hosts, and are always anxious to share our city with you, providing an unforgettable visit to Quito.

Meet our team of bilingual guides:

Santiago Cornejo 
is a native of Quito with more than 30 years of experience working in tourism. A real spirit of adventure is what drives him.Santiago loves to share his culture and the importance of protecting Ecuador’s incredible biodiversity. He is also extremely knowledgeable about local and religious works of art. Travelers enjoy Santiago sense of humor and intimate knowledge of Ecuador. Passionate about exploring his native country, Santiago enjoys traveling throughout every region of Ecuador on his time off.

Jorge Fabre
was born and raised in the coast and has worked in tourism for more than 10 years. During this time he has become very knowledgeable and has a wide range of experience guiding in different parts of the country with special interest in nature as he is a very keen naturalist. In his free time he loves to go rock climbing and being in contact with nature. Jorge is quite passionate about sharing his culture and beautiful country with visitors making him the perfect person to lead you on your urban adventure through Quito.

Byron Riera was born in Quito and has been working in tourism for 18 years. He decided to become a tour guide because he loves his country and its diversity, interesting history and culture. He enjoys the outdoors but most importantly, he loves to share Quito with visitors to Ecuador because he believes it is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the Americas.